Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) is an independent tattoo artist based in Bali, Indonesia.
The experience and knowledge gained from traveling and living in Europe (schengen) / other countries has provided Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) work with a unique edge.
The creativity and innovation in his design combines many different elements of American, European, Japanese and Indonesian cultures.
The work consistently presents professionalism and maintains a high level of International Hygiene Standards.
Alongside being a tattoo artist, Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) is also an active painter with a strong and unique style that is inspired by different elements of American, European, Japanese and Indonesian cultures using recycle papers.
Flying Pig Tattoo's (Gandi) ORIGINAL PAINTING are based on white papers made from recycles / recyclable banana leaves.
The color of the papers can have a shade of light brown to dark brown, creating the Vintages, Classic and Class finish.
Each ORIGINAL PAINTING of Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) can "Glow In The Dark" adding another unique elements to the artist work.
A sealed stamp the "Two Icon" of Flying Pig Tattoo's (Gandi) logo is placed on the ORIGINAL PAINTING and ORIGINAL PRINTS of Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) to trademark the pieces.
The trademark sealed stamp adds the Vintage, Classic and Class theme.
Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) puts a lot of time and energy into each individual painting to think, to feel and to let it flow his imagination and creativity.